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We are an outfit operating on the Miller server for PlanetSide 2. We have a diverse community from many different countries across Europe and beyond. Being a combined arms outfit we don’t specialize in one particular style. Whether its as infantry, tanks or airships, we battle across Auraxis in any way to obtain victory.

Whilst other outfits on PlanetSide 2 may focus on being the best and having the best kill-to-death ratio or having the most members, we focus on just having fun and being part of a thriving community. When we login to PlanetSide we don’t log on to just mindlessly grind certs or to farm biolabs, we login to have fun. You may think that outfits are only for hardcore pro gamers who spend their life online, we’re not like that. We prefer a more casual style of gameplay. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are, everyone is welcome in SNGE as long as they follow the rules.


Outfit platoons are hosted almost every night at Miller primetime (20:00 Central European Time). Generally, these platoons will be recruitment platoons, where we do coordinated assaults on enemy territory and defend our front lines, the usual PlanetSide 2 gameplay. On other nights we may try different styles of gameplay, such as doing galaxy formations, armoured squads and much more, for a more relaxed and different experience. We are always looking for new members who want to join in and be part of an outfit which can provide a great experience for the casual player.


Our outfit uses Discord as primary means of communication. A place where members can play different games with each other or simply talk to one another.

SNGE members have access to additional outfit restricted voice channels and our library of prime quality memes. Still, there is a place for non-members in our server.

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We as an outfit do not have a YouTube channel. However, one of our greatest members, SHINYREDBULLETS, does, and he's been documenting our adventures since 2017 (probably even earlier). He's managed to capture some stunning moments of us, reaching the peaks of our greatness (and our stupidity).


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